Our facility is ISO9001 and JIS Q9100 (AS 9100) certified. We have established a quality management system in which we maintain not only the quality level that meets the high reliability demands of the aircraft and space industries, but also seek to further improve performance and certainty of quality by performing various physical and environmental resistance tests.

JIS Q 9100:Scope of registration

Design / Development and Manufacture for Advanced Composite Material Products of Aircraft Parts and Space Equipment which lnclude Product for Defense According to Customer's Requests

   JIS Q 9001 (AS-9100):Scope of registration

Design / Development, Manufacture and lnstallation for Advanced Composite Materials Products of following items:
 ・Tools, Test Equipment, Training Equipment and Support Equipment for Aerospace Products
 ・General Industrial Machinery Parts
 ・Medical Equipment-related Parts
 ・Communicauons Systems Components and Related Parts
 ・Vehicles and Ships-reiated Parts

■Electronic Level Tester


■3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


Measuring Range  : 1.2m wide × 1.2m L × 1m H
Measurement Accuracy  : ±0.005mm/1000mm
Fixed-Point Repetition Accuracy : ±0.0049mm

■Spin Arm


Measurement Range: within approx. 1.8m radius
Measurement Accuracy: ±0.08mm

■Universal Test Machine


Instron 55R4505 model
Loadcell: 1 ton, 10 ton

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