Establishing precision composites processing technology by top-class craftsmen and a unique manufacturing system that allows us to manufacture a variety of composites from precision to large over-sized components

    We have expertise in a wide range of manufacturing methods and we can select an optimum method to achieve the requested performance and cost. We have cutting-edge manufacturing facilities that can consistently handle the entire manufacturing processes in-house. With a broad lineup of manufacturing methods, and constant improvement of manufacturing environment and technology, we have been able to accommodate demands for various components such as high precision, high temperature and oversized components.

Partial listing of molding methods used at Super Resin , Ine.

■Filament Winding

■Application Examples
    Pipe, golf shaft, pressure vessel

■Autoclave Molding

■Application Examples
    Aircraft, Space Industry, Industrial Equipment

■RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)

■Application Examples
    Automobile components, Aircraft components,
    Industrial components

■VaRTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding)

■Application Examples
    Aircraft components, Exterior body panels of automobiles

■Press Molding
■Vacuum Molding
■Hand-lay-up Molding




Next-Generation Transport Aircraft



Spacecraft Wind Tunnel Experimental Model

Resin Block Mold


Drive Simulator

   We strive to provide high-precision and high-quality products. We have skilled employees and a broad lineup of facilities to respond to demands for diverse shapes ranging from precision machine components to general machining products. Especially in the processing of high-precision components, we had many achievements not only in aerospace and aircraft industries but also in other industries as well.

Examples of machining process

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