- Technological capabilities to develop materials from polymer matrix resins to reinforcement fabrics can expand the unlimited possibilities of composites -

    In order to accommodate the demands of our customers for materials with unique properties, Super Resin, has established a system to develop and manufacture specialty matrix resins and composite prepreg. Upon customers' request, Super Resin, Inc develops materials for specialty applications.

    In addition, Super Resin, Inc develops composite materials with unique properties that are not available in the market. Examples of such materials include high temperature, high precision and super high strength composites.

       RTM powder

Polyimide Resin


Polymer manufacturing reactor

  【Core technologies】

  ■Polymer synthesis/property modification technology
  ■Polyimide coating and processing technology
  ■Polyimide foam technology
  ■Polyimide prepreging technology
  ■Filler dispersion technology

   Using the 120 years textile manufacturing experience of its sister company Nikko Textile, Super Resin, Inc. provides development and fabrication services of innovative fabrics and preforms. In addition, Super Resin, Inc. provides specialty prepreg services for specialty composites.


Fabric (carbon)


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